REAL (Real Estate Association Leader) Training Series


ONLINE, 7 p.m.-9 p.m. Eastern
2nd Wednesday of Each Month
January 10th-December 11th, 2024

Running and growing a real estate investor’s association is time consuming, often frustrating, and can only be described as a “calling” for those of us who take it on.

But it’s a lot EASIER when you aren’t constantly trying to reinvent the wheel.

In this 12 month online series, we’ll talk about best practices, what works, and what doesn’t in creating a running a bigger, more profitable, more impactful real estate association. Each month, we’ll cover a different aspect of a healthy, growing association, including:

  • How to define your purpose and mission
  • How to recruit and retain paying members
  • How to create a robust educational program that meets the needs of more investors
  • How and why to attract vendor members, benefits you can offer, and what you can charge
  • How to develop ‘subgroups’, and how to choose and manage the leaders
  • How to get and manage volunteers and paid team members
  • How to get sources of “non-dues” revenue
  • How to nurture a culture of sharing and deal-doing in your group
  • How to use social media and digital media to grow your group
  • How to choose a venue, have great A/V, and much more…

Plus, you’ll develop a network of association leaders from all over the U.S. that will encourage you, hold you accountable, and help you run your local association with less hassle and more success!

These sessions will be led by Vena Jones-Cox, 25+ year veteran of local, state, and national real estate associations, including the 2 largest in the Midwest, Cincinnati REIA and the Community of Real Estate Entrepreneurs (COREE)

Each will be recorded and distributed to all participants.

The cost is just $239 for all 12 meetings—and this is for you and one other participant from your association!

SPECIAL: Register before January 1st, and pay just $119!