RMG Saturday Intensives

We’ve analyzed the 2022 market and what you’ve told us you most need to know to take your real estate business to the next level, and used that data to schedule 23 cheap, detailed Saturday workshops, taught by some of the most successful, experienced real estate investors in the U.S.

Upcoming Workshops

Saturday, September 24: Make Money Helping Sellers in Foreclosure (and Getting Great Deals with Short Sales)

by Dwan Twyford

Mortgage defaults have skyrocketed nationwide, and thanks to the foreclosure moratorium, tens of thousands of potential sellers need your help to negotiate with banks overloaded with ‘bad’ loans that will otherwise go to foreclosures, if you know how ‘short sales’ work, you can help owners exit homes they can’t afford, and get great deals in the process. This workshop shows you how to find those sellers, work with banks, what to do when the bank says ‘no’, and how to build a short sale business while this opportunity lasts.

Saturday, October 8: How to Build a Credibility Kit and Get More Bank and Private Financing

by Robert Mohon

Here’s a detailed, tools-included workshop you’ll want for your permanent education library: a deep dive into what goes into a making private lenders, partners, and banks WANT to work with you, and how to put that information together in a way that makes it easy for money people to say ‘yes’ to you. You’ll get a template Excel spreadsheet for building and tracking your own assets and liabilities as part of your tuition.

Saturday, October 22: Keep Your Contractors on Time, on Budget, and Under Control

by Jerry Fink

Most of the big, profit-busting problems you hear about in rehabs can be avoided simply by having a super-clear agreement with the contractors before work starts. But that means  having a detailed scope of work that includes a breakdown of what work is being done, what each item costs (so that when one changes, the whole budget doesn’t change), who’s doing it…and agreeing UP FRONT to things like when the contractor will be paid (hint: don’t give big down payments, and never let contractors “get ahead” in what you’ve paid vs. what they’ve completed). Learn how to control your rehabs and turnovers better, here.

Rehab Right for Retail or Rental

The Rehab Right for Retail or Rental guides you through these steps and more in a simple, easy-to-understand way that will boost your rehab business into the stratosphere!

Here is just a sampling of what is covered:

  • Understanding Your Buyer
  • Buying “Right”
  • Financing Your Rehab Projects
  • The Rehab Process
  • Selling Your Property to a Rehabber
  • Marketing Your Home to a Homeowner
  • Selling Your Property to a Landlord
  • Refinancing and Renting to Tenants
  • Managing the Business

REIA Mastermind Group

We meet you where you are!

It’s an interesting time to be a real estate investor…lots of challenges to deal with and lots of opportunities to grab.     

Our members have…well, THOUSANDS of years of combined experience in ‘good’ markets and ‘bad’, and we’re working day and night to make sure you get the information you need to survive and thrive in the current crazy climate…

Wherever you are in the world or in your career, you’re welcome!

Who Do I Contact for Questions?

If you have any questions, please contact sara@regoddess.com or tel. (513) 471-0700 we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.