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It’s an interesting time to be a real estate investor…lots of challenges to deal with and lots of opportunities to grab.     

Our members have…well, THOUSANDS of years of combined experience in ‘good’ markets and ‘bad’, and we’re working day and night to make sure you get the information you need to survive and thrive in the current crazy climate…

Wherever you are in the world or in your career, you’re welcome!

Upcoming Workshops

January 14th: How to Evaluate Leads from Your Desktop, Fast, and Get More Deals

with Vena Jones-Cox

Great deals don’t wait for you to figure out that they’re great, or to work out what to offer. If you can’t find out whether a seller is motivated, what his bottom dollar is, whether he’s open to terms, what his property is worth, whether it has liens, and what you might be able to offer in under 30 minutes, you’re at a serious disadvantage. This workshop teaches you how to take those steps from the comfort of your own home, with just a computer and phone. A MUST for newer investors looking for off-market deals.

January 28th: How to Analyze Apartment Deals

with Anthony Chara

All the experts are predicting that there will be more real deals on apartment buildings this year (thanks in part to all the BAD deals that have been made in the past few years!). If you’re looking to break into apartments, though, you’d better understand how to evaluate them before you buy. Anthony Chara spends the day showing you how to figure out what to pay, what lenders will fund, and how much you’ll be able to pay partners, and what your property will be worth after you reposition it. Free quick analysis software included.

February 11th: How to Do High-Return, Low-Management Repair for Equity Deals

with Vena Jones-Cox

“Repair For Equity” is the strategy of selling ugly-but-livable houses to handy homeowners for huge returns (for you) and a shot at the American Dream (for them). But to do it right, you have to choose the right properties, get the right financing, find the right buyer, and use the right documents. Vena Jones-Cox (do-er of hundreds of these deals) will share all of that AND give you a complete manual with all the sample forms, documents, and details, so that you can add this awesome, potentially no money down, hands-off strategy to your tool bag.

February 25th: The Basics of
Note Buying

with Tanya Brown and Marco Bario

If you love the idea of passive income, but sort of hate the hassle of ‘tenants and toilets’ (or you’re just ready to add a new stream of income to your life), note buying is probably for you. In this introductory workshop, you’ll learn how to find note deals, evaluate them, do the due diligence, get the money to buy them, get double-digit passive returns, and why you might want to consider non-performing notes as a way to get off-market properties.

March 11th: How to BRRRR in a Higher-Rate, Lower-Rent Market

with Ed Benz

Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat (BRRRR) has been a cookie cutter strategy to buy more cash flowing rentals for decades, but it’s been a real buzzword for the last 5 years, with low interest rates and ever-increasing rents. Now that those days are over, we’re bringing an investor with decades of experience BRRRRing in both hot markets AND cold to show you the 5th “R”—how to do it RIGHT. If your goal is to own so many cash flowing rentals that you don’t have to work anymore, you need to be here.

March 25th: How to Comfortably, Successfully Negotiate with Sellers

with Vena Jones-Cox

Great deals aren’t found; they’re MADE. But if you can’t build rapport with sellers quickly and get them comfortable with telling you what the real problem is (or find out fast and reliably that there’s NOT a problem), and make low offers or terms offers that they don’t want to hear and still maintain a good relationship with them, you can’t make the deals you want. This workshop shows you the attitudes, techniques, and scripts you need to get answers, overcome objections, and get to the win-win deals that leave you AND your sellers better off than they were before.

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