AI Marketing & Growth Hacking Virtual Summit

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Learn how to use AI in your real estate business. Do more of what you know works, complete critical tasks better and faster, and do incredible things you’ve never imagined. Generate more leads, get more agreements accepted, and boost your revenues in new ways.

AI won’t replace you. Someone using AI will. Stay competitive. Elevate your game!

The step-by-step game plan you’ll learn live during the AI Marketing & Growth Hacking summit can enhance your effectiveness and efficiency as a new or seasoned real estate pro, ultimately driving greater success in your market, whether your focus is on generating cash now, cash flow, or cash for later.

Discover the AI-powered solutions for everyday challenges real estate entrepreneurs experience:

1) Finding Deals: Investors often need help finding suitable properties to invest in. Use AI to improve property research and lead generation, helping investors identify the best opportunities efficiently.

2) Seller Engagement: Assessing seller interest can be time-consuming. Use AI to streamline initial contact with sellers, automating the process of gauging their willingness or desire to sell.

3) Market Analysis: Accurate market analysis is essential for making informed decisions. Task AI to provide data-driven insights and predictions, reducing the risk of chasing or acquiring non-deals.

4) Offer Creation: Crafting compelling offers and calculating the correct numbers can be challenging. Utilize AI to create multiple offer scenarios and personalized marketing materials.

5) Negotiation: Effectively negotiating deals requires skill and strategy. Harness AI-powered assistance to gain insights and tactics for getting your offers accepted.

6) Smart Scaling: After closing a deal, managing marketing, performance tracking, and deal evaluation can be so overwhelming that it does not even get done. Let AI help you start applying post-close best practices to increasing do more deals with higher profit potential.

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