Dwan Bent Twyford

Mortgage defaults have skyrocketed nationwide, and thanks to the foreclosure moratorium, tens of thousands of potential sellers need your help to negotiate with banks overloaded with ‘bad’ loans that will otherwise go to foreclosures, if you know how ‘short sales’ work, you can help owners exit homes they can’t afford, and get great deals in the process. This workshop shows you how to find those sellers, work with banks, what to do when the bank says ‘no’, and how to build a short sale business while this opportunity lasts.

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Short Sale

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"Make $30,000 in 30 Days" Challenge

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"Creating a Cash Cow Machine"

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Course Includes…
  • SIX WEEK “Beat the Bank” Bootcamp
  • Short Sale Secrets
  • Deal Finding
  • One Hour “Quick Start” Video
  • My Personal Land Trust
Course Includes…
  • Part 1: Building Your Business
  • Part 2: Building Your Fortune
Course Includes…
  • No Equity Deal Structuring Program
  • Documents for No Equity Deals
  • Area/Neighborhood Classifications
  • Fed Up with Foreclosures
  • Call 1—No Equity Part 1
  • Call 2—No Equity Part 2
  • Call 3—No Equity Part 3
  • Call 4—The Homeowners Agreement
  • Call 5—Deeds and Land Trusts