Grow your real estate association

with this 12-month ONLINE training for reia association leaders and owners only!

REAL (Real Estate Association Leader) training

But it’s a lot EASIER when you aren’t constantly trying to reinvent the wheel. In this 12 month online series, we’ll talk about best practices, what works, and what doesn’t in creating a running a bigger, more profitable, more impactful real estate association. Each month, we’ll cover a different aspect of a healthy, growing association:

January REAL Training:  What on earth are we DOING? Getting clear on the vision and purpose of your group

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February REAL Training:  How to Grow Membership

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March REAL Training: How to Create and Organize Great Programming

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April REAL Training: Subgroups and Focus Groups: the Why, What, Who, and How

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May REAL Training: Hiring Team Members

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June REAL Training: Recruiting Vendor Members and Sponsors

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