The Ultimate Creative Deal-Structuring Home Study Course (IN-PERSON 1 Attendee + 1 Guest)


This class is for serious real estate investors and is a hands-on, learn-by-example, get-your-gears-going, life-changing experience!

We believe 2023 will be filled with challenging situations and people in need.  If you are like us, you know that means a lot of opportunities to help others will be heading your way. Are you ready to solve sellers challenging real estate problems?  Are your negotiating skills sharpened?  Are you ready to increase your cashflow and wealth building portfolio?

In this home study course, Vena & Bill show you structures that will help you create wealth – both long-term wealth and right-now cash – that will change your life and make you a more confident, competent, successful real estate investor!

Learn to structure deals that 99% of your competitors can’t, or are afraid, to do!  Be the solution!