Mastering RE Tax Strategies


Mastering Real Estate Tax Strategies is a unique opportunity for real estate investors to up their real estate investment returns.  It’s a five-hour video tutorial with supporting hard copy materials that walks you through how to use real estate as a tax shelter. Mastering Real Estate Tax Strategies gives you two ways to get even your W2 income tax burden cut by owning real estate. Even seasoned real estate investors are shocked by the money they have missed.  Don’t give the IRS another dime that’s rightfully yours.  Look at what you’ll get:

  • More money
  • Less stress
  • Reduced risk of IRS audit
  • A system to make real estate tax reporting fast and reduce the pain
  • Protection of your real estate from lawsuits, financial downturns, and bad investments
  • Your tax bill slashed
  • A way to sell and acquire real estate without paying capital gains tax
  • Super charged retirement savings
  • An understanding of your real estate numbers
  • A way to defer or even eliminate taxes on the sale of investment real estate
  • Three ways to change the classification of improvements to repairs for get an immediate tax deduction
  • A blueprint to use cost segregation along with bonus depreciation to accelerate tax benefits
  • Higher returns on real estate investing