How to Partner Your Way to Wealth


Date: Saturday, November 12th
Time: 9 am-3 pm EASTERN
Cost: $47

You’ll learn:

  • Why giving (or getting) equity in a deal often works better than borrowing (or lending) money
  • How to find equity sharing “partners”, and what to look for in one
  • How equity sharing can help homebuyers afford houses in a rising interest rate world, and give you an amazing long-term wealth building and tax saving opportunity
  • How to make every deal a Win-Win—with examples of how different equity sharing agreements are constructed differently, depending on the needs of the “cash partner” and the “work partner”
  • How you can use Equity Sharing with OTHER creative real estate techniques (like Subject to, owner carrybacks, and so on) to make EVEN BETTER deals

When you attend, you’ll get:

  1. An excel template that lets you easily put together a scope of work for any job from a full rehab to a rental turnover
  2. A detailed contracting agreement that sets your deal with the contractor in stone, and includes such important clauses as penalties for not finishing the work on time
  3. A unique “contractor screening form” that will help you objectively decide whether to hire a particular contractor, or not
  4. Recordings of the entire workshop for your permanent real estate library

As always, this workshop comes with a full moneyback guarantee—you’ll be convinced that the bonus materials ALONE are worth more than the tuition, or your money back!