How to Get Unlimited Long Term Funding for Real Estate Deals with Private Lenders by Chad Harris


No savings or ability to borrow money – that’s what I had when I started buying real estate in 2013. My job as a missionary had just ended and I had no traditional way of funding a deal. You know the feeling. Whether you are looking for your first deal or trying to fund your tenth, at some point you run out of money. Even with great credit and bank funding there is a limit to the down payments you can afford. You need a sustainable source of funding.

This is why I created the Private Money System to help others raise that consistent source of funding, even if they have no savings, credit or network of deep pocket friends and family. It is a simple system to create a consistent source of money to fund any real estate deal.  The banks will tell you you need to meet a long list of requirements to have access to their money. They will want you to fit a very specific mold which is often not the mold an entrepreneur and investor will fit. With the Private Money System you will be set free from their requirements and unlock long-term funding to grow your real estate business.

You will learn:

  • How to find funding for deals you currently don’t see
  • Why you should never ask for money
  • Where to find key people with money to lend
  • How to have people seeking you to fund your deals
  • What key words to use when presenting
  • How to structure deals for more cash flow
  • What creative structures benefit both your lenders and you
  • How to talk to lenders so they will lend for many years instead of months
  • What mistakes to avoid and the laws you must comply with

 Everything you need to start funding your real estate deals TODAY!